Parade float brightly illuminated at night in Fairhope featuring oversized floral decorations and a large clock, with people atop in festive attire.

17March 2024

Fairhope’s Festive Spirit: Celebrating Community and Tradition in Alabama’s Coastal Gem

Often called the soul of the Eastern Shore, Fairhope exudes a vibrant spirit of community...

A serene sunset over a calm Mobile Bay with silhouettes of two piers and pavilions against a vibrant sky, capturing Daphne's Waterfront Wonders.

15March 2024

Daphne’s Waterfront Wonders: Exploring the Scenic Beauty of Mobile Bay

The heart of the Eastern Shore, Daphne boasts an array of breathtaking waterfront areas that...

A couple standing on a dock at sunset with Mobile Bay in the background.

14March 2024

Spanish Fort Serenity: Exploring Nature and History Along Mobile Bay

Nestled along the shores of Mobile Bay, Spanish Fort beckons travelers with its serene landscapes,...

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